A Show of Scrutiny | C2 E2

This second episode of Campaign 2 featured Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, and Sam Riegal. They talk about their character’s ages, habits from Vox Machina, and what they would steal from Target if given the opportunity.

The following contains spoilers up to, and including, Campaign 2, Episode 2: A Show of Scrutiny.

All || So, children and old people? Again?

Taliesin: We’re level 2. They go down easy. What do you want?

Marisha: Also, I think it merits pointing out, Matt creates the children and the old people for us to discriminate against. It’s a chicken and an egg situation here.

Brian: Were old people and children discourteous to you as youngsters?

Marisha: Children are discourteous to everyone. They’re children.

Sam: Yeah, they’re assholes.

Marisha: Yeah, [Sam] knows.

Sam: But we didn’t…did we kill any kids?

Brian: What makes me sad is that you don’t remember. But I don’t believe anyone died but care was not shown to them.

Marisha: We haven’t killed a little girl yet.

Brian: I think I saw that on the billboard. Critical Role: They haven’t killed a little girl yet.

Amanda Arp
Sam || As a goblin: Nott hides her true form to walk through society. What are her impressions of Jester, who accepted her so quickly?

Sam: I think Nott is fascinated by Jester, a being who is out loud and proud in the world, who doesn’t seem to care about what anyone says or being polite or lowering her voice or just any sort of social norms. Whereas Nott has to be on edge and guarded the whole time. So I think it’s a cool friendship that Nott is discovering, and that I’m discovering sitting next to Laura Bailey.

Brian: You and Marisha were off last week when we discussed this. How do you both feel about the seating arrangement?

Marisha: I love it. It’s fun sitting next to Travis. He was a fun unexpected one. Because I had a dynamic with Liam in the previous game but the Keyleth and Grog moments were few and far between.

Sam: That’s true. That’s true.

Marisha: They were always great when they happened.

Sam: They were mostly in action. Team combat stuff.

Marisha: So it’s cool having those moments.

Brian: Before we got the Wyrmwood table, you guys used to actually have to sit on top of each other so we could film it.

Sam: We were stacked up like the Brady Bunch.

Marisha: Like bunk beds, but a bunk table.

Sam: There’s also the fact that we have new chairs. This is the content you come here for. We have new chairs that have backs to them.

Brian: They used to just be a bench where someone stapled a bunch of cotton to the bench and then covered it in fabric. That’s literally all it was. And Travis with the furious knee shaking and his actions tended to rumble the set.

Taliesin: I’m a big shaker too.

Marisha: Sam and I got used to it last game.

Sam: I didn’t even notice it.

Marisha: It was a blur by 500 episodes.

Brian: You know what I do? Just give myself a horse tranquilizer before we play D&D. Mary [Elizabeth McGlynn] says I droll a lot but that I cast spells well.

Marisha || Seeing as how Keyleth’s story had a lot of influence from Avatar The Last Airbender, did you grab some influence from the Legend of Korra this time?

Marisha: No. None at all. 100% none. Not all blue monks, you guys. Not all monks in blue clothes have anything to do with Airbender. But it was one of those things where I thought “Oh shit” as soon as people started saying. But no. She’s in blue for reasons that I cannot disclose.

Sam: Oh, what?! There’s a blue backstory?

Marisha: Everything is intentional.

Sam: Wow. I don’t know; I just threw darts at board somewhere.

Marisha: That is not true. You always act like that.

Taliesin: So full of it!

Sam: I don’t know how to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Marisha: You gaslighting motherfucker.

Taliesin || So what can you say about the relationship between Yasha and Mollymauk? How much does Molly care that Yasha allegedly skipped town?

Taliesin: (Jokingly) It’s only a sexual relationship. Purely sexual. (Honestly) This would be common knowledge now if anyone asked, but he’s cool with it. I’m really looking forward to getting into the whole carny attitude to this sort of thing. They’re cool. If he sees her again, it’s gonna be cool. He’s going to say “Really? That was your moment?”.

Brian: Sam and I know all too well what it’s like to have women who just up and vanish.

All except Marisha || What went through your head when Beau tried taking out the guards while in shackles?

Taliesin: I was so sad that I wasn’t there to watch that. I think Molly would have really enjoyed watching that. I would have been slow clapping. Even in the manacles, he would have been slow clapping the entire time. He is just delighted watching you fall on your face. He is getting some sort of weird issue out with your character. Maybe he was beaten up by a monk in high school, I don’t know what it is.

Brian: He’s got monk baggage.

Sam: I thought it was a daring and brave move, and exciting, and sort of speaks to — we’re still not quite comfortable playing at levels where you can’t just do everything. “I’m just going to beat up these guards”. Nope. Can’t even move your arm.

Marisha: Yeah, I didn’t know that the guards were holding chains.

Sam: I enjoyed that you went “I’ll punch this one in the face, punch this one in the stomach, kick this one…” and then Matt’s says “No. You don’t even move”.

Marisha: Wait, were you there before the game? When Matt said “Don’t be afraid” and it was like a pep talk.

Sam: Oh. No.

Taliesin: Oh yeah. I was there. That pep talk was entirely my fault.

Brian: Why? Did you come in all Debbie Downer?

Sam: Wait, what did he say?

Taliesin: I just said “By the way, I just wanted to point out that these were a couple of things I want to make sure you knew so that if I forget to describe a few things that these are some of them.”. He said “Oh, no, I expect you to push the narrative”. And I said that I was going to do that but–

Marisha: It wasn’t entirely because of you. He gave a speech about how in the last campaign we all got comfortable and getting in ruts of just saying “I attack” and then Matt describes.

Sam: So he wanted us to take charge?

Marisha: To embellish. He said to feel free to color and describe–

Brian: So instead of Matt saying something like “You shoot an arrow and it blasts”–

Marisha: Right. He was basically saying let it extend as far as your character has control, and then he’ll explain the character’s reaction and what actually happens.

Sam: I’m getting behind the scenes stuff out of this show.

Brian: You are finally starting to see the value.

Sam: So cool, that’s what [Marisha] was doing. You were doing the color.

Marisha: So I was trying to do the “I use an elbow, I do this” and then Matt said “None of that happened”. I was like “Fucking cool. Fucking I tried.” And that was the only attacking we even did that game.

Taliesin: I trust the circus enough that I thought “We’re not going to go there. There’s nothing there but guards”. We literally wandered the entire town because I thought that nothing was happening there.

Marisha: It wasn’t a bad call. It was a choice of follow the victim or go to the scene of the crime. Well, the scene of the crime is crawling with guards so let’s follow the victim. Oh, but the victim was apparently random. Took two hours to figure that out.

Sam: You win some, you lose some. We got to explore the town a bit.

Brian: It could be fun if the first half of Talks is just us telling [Sam] what happened before he got there on Thursday.

Hadley DiForti
Marisha || Why did you go after the little girl and is there something in Beau’s background that affected this choice of action?

Marisha: Yes.

Brian: Is that all you want to say?

Marisha: Yes, there is something in Beau’s background. It was not just a random stupid decision. She was maybe projecting a little bit, and had a little sympathy for her.

Sam: Because of her own past or someone else she knew?

Marisha: (shrugs)

Taliesin || As a traveling performer, what was Molly’s impression of Nott and Caleb’s magic bowl performance/sales pitch?

Taliesin: In his opinion, it needs work. It was not a great pitch.

Sam: We didn’t have a lot of razzle-dazzle.

Taliesin: No, and I was really more interested in seeing how much of a rube Jester was. I was thinking “Are you actually going to manage to trick this poor girl? Yeah, wow. She’s easy. Good to know”. I’m just filing that away. If I need to, I can palm something off this girl. Poor Jester.

Jacob Thomas Bush
Sam || How much did it hurt to say “I love trinkets so much”?

Sam: I didn’t hurt at all. It was glorious.

Brian: It was a glorious comedic moment.

Sam: The love that dare not speak its name. No, I’m happy to be on Team Trinkets. In a totally different way.

Brian: What if you become too trinket-y?

Sam: Over-trinket?

Brian: Yeah, if you over-trinket.

Sam: I’m just worried about — what did Nott steal in this episode? A little baby bottle? — I’m just worried about the shit that Nott’s going to steal over the course of the campaign. That people are going to come up to me at cons and give me like “Here, take this broken baby bottle!”. Err, this is a thing that I created now.

Brian: Why doesn’t Nott steal, like, a Tesla?

Sam: She just likes cute little things that she can put in her pocket and collect.

Taliesin: I think a baby bottle is worth a little cash, man. A platinum baby bottle–

Sam: No, it was a platinum flash. And a brass baby bottle.

All || If you can reveal it already, how old are your characters?

Brian: People are especially curious about Nott.

Sam: I don’t know. We’ve got to reveal this in-game, right guys?

Taliesin: You can do that whenever you like.

Brian: It’s totally up to you. If you feel like it’s a story element and it could potentially whatever. If that doesn’t matter, you can say it here.

Sam: I’m going to sit on it.

Marisha: Beau is young. Beau is a young, human girl.

Sam: Eight-years-old? Five-years-old?

Taliesin: Double digits.

Brian: She’s drinking.

Marisha: She’s double digits, yeah. She’s like 22 or 23.

Taliesin: I absolutely can’t say.

Brian: I understand. We’ll get it out of you one day.

Sam: It’s not a big secret, I just want it to come out in organic gameplay.

Brian: We only do organic gameplay.

Marisha || What’s it like not playing the innocent and using fists instead of spells?

Marisha: Oh, it’s so fucking great.

Brian: Well, the fists didn’t work out extremely this time.

Marisha: Well, they were chained up. The guns were chained up. It’s not my fault. But yeah, it’s great. It’s fun. It’s why it’s fun sitting next to Travis because I feel like we swapsied in some way. He’s now the moral “Guys, let’s not be total dipshits” and I’m like “But being a dipshit’s great!”.

Sam: You going to watch some kung-fu movies? Get some cool moves?

Marisha: Yeah, I’ve done research.

Sam || What made you choose to play a female character?

Sam: Because women are the best.

Brian: Oh nice.

Sam: No, because I wanted to change it up and do something different.

Brian: That part of it wasn’t chosen by Liam.

Sam: No. Liam just said “You’re a goblin rogue” and I had to come up for some reason for being a goblin and some reason for being a rogue, and all that stuff.

Brian: And how did you land on the voice?

Sam: (jokingly) You know, I watched Mrs. Doubtfire. (honestly) No, when we played our session zero, me and Liam were both testing out voices a little bit. Him more so than me. He was doing some heavy German, and then he backed off it, and then he brought it back in a little bit. I was doing mostly nothing — I was just talking like me — and then at the end of the game I thought “Wow, that was super boring”. So I tweaked her character a little bit and I wanted to give her a voice that would suit her jittery character. So I did that weird voice that no I’m committing to.

Talks Machina Team
All || How do you feel about all the crazy incredible fan art that’s come in?

Sam: Amazing! It’s amazing!

Brian: Marisha? You’ve seen a bunch of stuff probably?

Marisha: Oh, it’s insane. It’s bananas.

Taliesin || What was the thing you were “kicking yourself” for not doing when the group was trying to get out of the inn?

Taliesin: I was kicking myself for not dropping a little bit of coin at the front and making a polite “If anybody asks, we’re upstairs and asleep”.

Brian: Interesting.

Marisha: Yeah, we kinda noticed that when we realized we’d missed the last step in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is that you’ve got to stuff the bed.

Taliesin: She was going to be our stuff in the bed. I thought that it was probably going to be fine but that would have been a smart move. At least it’d be an extra buffer. If you take care of things like that, then it’s a good way of keeping the DM from really hitting you with it later.

Marisha: DM hit prevention?

Taliesin: Yeah.

Marisha & Sam || What drew you to playing the classes that you picked? Was it a complete 180 from last campaign or was there a particular skill/feat that made you choose?

Marisha: Yeah, it was kinda like a 180, I guess.

Sam: You didn’t want spells. Do you have spells as a monk? How do monks work?

Marisha: I was terrified to lose spells. It wasn’t that I didn’t want spells. I actually wanted something different and I came up with the idea for the character and the back story. Then monk was informed by that.

Sam: What were the other ones you wanted to be?

Marisha: I was debating cleric. I was debating bard. Bard has potential for a little bit.

Sam: That’s pretty cool.

Marisha: I think I already have an idea for the character I want to play if Beau dies.

Sam: When Beau dies.

Brian: Ohhh.

Sam: I chose my character because Liam told me that that’s what my race and class is going to be. But I am excited because my charisma is so low. It’s a five, which is the opposite of Scanlan Shorthalt.

Brian: What was Scanlan’s?

Sam: 22? Something like that. It was a lot.

Marisha: Yours is five?

Sam: Yeah, it’s five.

Marisha: That’s great.

Sam: Which is really cool and challenging. I like to do stuff out of my comfort zone. And you know, Brian, every day of my life I play a high-charisma character.

Brian: Yes you do.

Sam: So it’s a real big stretch

Sam || Where did you and Liam get inspiration for the relationship between Caleb and Nott?

Sam: From our own relationship? I don’t know. In our relationship, I’m like a young girl and he’s a man. No, we developed our characters on our own with talking. Then, maybe a month before this campaign started, we just started texting back and forth about “Who are you? What’s your deal?”.

So we met for lunch or something and gave a little backstory. Then together decided how we met, so we came up with that backstory. We mapped out all their time together. Over the course of figuring out that story together, we figured out what our relationship was.

Brian: Did you know that you were going to be doing your session zero with him?

Sam: We did, a few weeks out. We knew that it was going to be he and I, because we had already decided we were traveling together. I think Matt had asked us all, way in advance, “Do any of you guys know each other?” and me and Liam said we knew each other.

Then at the session zero we developed it more, and the first night of the campaign is when it really became fleshed out. That was when a lot of the stuff that we just did happened naturally. He’s always helping Nott. He’s always passing liquor and stuff. We didn’t know that before. We just did that. It was great.

Brian: Wow, it’s crazy how much you can prepare but then when you show up that night it all changes.

Marisha: We don’t know shit.

Sam: We don’t know shit.

Taliesin: We don’t know anything.

Taliesin || What was with that look you gave Matt whenever he revealed the information about Molly (via Toya) while everyone was investigating the carnival?

Taliesin: I believe I might have just mouthed the word “Fuuuck”. Why? Because I am going to see how long I can drag this shit out. Slowly torturing the people I play with about any information about my character. And [Matt] knows that, so he did that very intentionally just to fuck with my life. Like, oh you son of a bitch. He’s just getting in there and prodding my plans.

Brian: A good DM knows which buttons to press. Behind the screen and in front of it.

Sam: It’s all got to come out at some point, right?

Taliesin: At some point, yes. But I’m genuinely curious how long I can continue.

Brian: Well, it’s only the second episode.

Taliesin: Yeah, I need it to be in the double digits before anything of value happens.

Sam: All my cards are on the table. You know everything there is to know about my character.

Marisha: There is so much bullshit on this couch right now. It’s covered in bullshit. On both sides.

Marisha || Beau made a profound point that the lack of clues can be a clue of their own. When did you realize that Enon was a random victim rather than the source of the zombie problem, and what clued you in?

Marisha: Well after the rest of the group kinda hazed me for saying that, thank you for noticing.

Brain: Thank you Cthulhu Lego Brick.

Sam: Undercover brilliance.

Marisha: Okay, I grew up in a small town. This is a true story.

Brian: We only tell those on the show.

Marisha: I– I–

Sam: –I was investigated by the police.

Marisha: I got drunk once in high school at a part, this one time. I might have gotten belligerent and puked. I crashed at the house and the story spread. By the time I woke up and drove home — in that time from the party to me driving home in the morning — my mum had already found out. Because some person’s parent told another parent told my mother. And that’s how small towns work, y’all.

So it’s one of those things where if it’s in the town, even if someone’s being secretive, someone’s finding out. So after investigating the entire town and figuring out that nobody in the town knew anything, it means that it’s got to be related to the circus.

Brian: Okay. Bringing that small town knowledge.

Taliesin: You get to be the Percy now. It’s so nice; I don’t have to be the smart one anymore. I’m so tired of being the smart one. I don’t want to have any insight into anything anymore.

Marisha: Well, we’ll see. We’ve got to wash the vibes of the last campaign off.

Taliesin: It’s not quite done yet.

Marisha: It’s not quite done, no.

All || So far we’ve seen Molly try to take shots at an enemy, Nott refer to herself as a gnome, and Fjord’s Grog impression; what other Vox Machina habits are you finding it hard to break?

Taliesin: Travis called me Percy.

Sam: He did?

Taliesin: Yeah, before the episode. He said “Hey Percy, do you have– Taliesin, do you– ah shit”.

Brian: Are there any other habits you’re finding it hard to break?

Sam: Keeping accents is pretty hard. There’s a lot of accents flying around the table, especially when Matt’s doing eight in a night.

Taliesin: Yeah, that’s so bad.

Sam: So it’s hard to keep those straight.

Brian: Are there any of your old habits that you find yourself slipping into Marisha?

Marisha: Yeah, I did a wave at one point like Keyleth. I thought “That’s not…nope…no, no no. That’s dumb”. It’s Keyleth’s wave. And then I think I said in the first game, with Laura, “I’m concerned that I’ve only seen you eat pastries”, then realized that I’m not concerned. I don’t care. I’ve got to remember I don’t care.

Brian: Just write it on your Wyrmwood in gray sharpie.

Marisha: (miming writing) Fuck this shit.

Brian: Taliesin, anything for you?

Taliesin: Oh yeah. Trying not to clever my way out of things. Or trying to remember not to be polite all the time. Yes, definitely. I caught myself being very polite to NPCs.

Sam: Did you say, in the first episode, something like “I draw my swords and fire”?

Marisha: “I take two shots at this guy”.

Taliesin: Well, you could say that that’s a way to say it, but I’ve got to get all of that out of my head.

Brian: It’s so funny. It’s been almost five years at this point.

Taliesin: More than High School.

Brian: For you. Not for me.

Taliesin || How does Mollymauk feel after finding out the circus was indeed behind the attack?

Taliesin: He’s not doing so good with that and he’s not entirely convinced that’s true yet. I will say that if it was going to be anyone in the circus, it could have been worse. But yeah, he’s not sitting well with that at all because there was an understanding that nobody fucked with anybody else’s shit and this is definitely breaking the rules and he’s not happy.

Brian: Breaking the bro code.

Taliesin: Yeah, there’s kinda a bro code.

Brian: It’s really kind of similar to Ren Faire right? We’re at Ren Faire, you guys all know each other, you watch each other’s backs when you used to work there.

Taliesin: Especially in the smaller groups of people. You don’t even necessarily all like each other but–

Brian: Let’s be honest, the people at the dunk tank are dicks.

Taliesin: I worked the dunk tank you son of a bitch. I was literally the guy in the dunk tank.

Brian: Were you?

Taliesin: I was and yeah, that is a fun gig.

Brian: You get to talk shit to people all day.

Taliesin: Specifically it’s find the line, learn to talk shit, and every now and then someone passes by and I think “I’m gonna be really mean to this person. I don’t like them. I’m going to see if I can get them to rush the cage and try to punch me because that’s funny”.

Brian: Talk shit all day and get wet.

Taliesin: Oh man, and that stuff was so disgusting, it was just made of infection.

Brian: You guys didn’t ever clean out the tank or drop a tide pod or two in there?

Sam: Did you say “drop a tide pod in there”?

Brian: Yeah. One for me, one for the dunk tank.

Taliesin: This was, to be fair, 23 years ago.

Sam: Can you give me insider knowledge. Who were dicks at the Ren Faire? Where did they work?

Taliesin: Honestly, everyone who works at Ren Faire is a dick.

Sam: Yeah, but who was the outcast?

Brian: Inside the group of dicks, who was the dickiest?

Taliesin: Oh man, that’s a tough call.

Brian: Who was the Travis of the group?

Taliesin: The court were pretty–

Sam: Court?

Taliesin: Yeah, the people who pretended to be royalty at the Ren Faire. I’m going to get so much hate mail from some of my friends. But they know it. They know they’re dicks. But yeah, Court is very dicky. I’ll also say that the Scots guild are pretty dicky.

Marisha: Does being royalty actually go to their head on a meta level?

Taliesin: You’re literally sitting there pretending to amuse each other.

Marisha || Taliesin said last week that Molly is not a fan of Beau. Is that feeling mutual? And how does it feel to have that change in attitude from Percy and Keyleth’s close friendship?

Marisha: Uh-huh. It’s fun.

Taliesin: I’ve been waiting to hate you for so long.

Marisha: You suck most.

Sam: Why do you guys hate each other?

Marisha: He’s a grifter

Taliesin: She’s so full of herself and has so many opinions about things.

Marisha: He takes advantage of people who are clearly gullible.

Taliesin: She obviously cares about nothing.

Marisha: And he obviously…has a third thing.

Sam: This makes me hate both of you now.

Taliesin: I’m loving it.

Marisha: You’re obviously shifty and hiding shit. That’s my third thing. It just took me a little bit longer to think of.

Taliesin: Yeah, I’m definitely hiding shit.

Marisha: And Beau likes knowing about people.

Sam || How much time did you and Liam spend making up names for the various cons Caleb and Nott have run together since they met?

Sam: We have a shared Google doc with our cons. And it’s not all cons too, it’s just little old tricks and stuff that we’ve worked out. Little two-man plays sort-of-a-thing. Maybe we’ll get to use some of them, I don’t know. We just assumed that if we were spending all this time together, we’re not very powerful so we’d need to work on our cunning and strategy to do things together. So we came up with some cons and some quick little strategies that we can do. I think we have about 12 of them.

Marisha: What happens when he says a code name and you think it’s a con with a different code name?

Brian: You have the Google doc to hand?

Sam: I’ve printed them out so I would just flip to it.

Marisha: Of-fucking-course you did.

Taliesin: Did you watch a bunch of grifter movies for this?

Sam: Yeah, I should. I should. Anybody who wants to send me some, should.

Marisha: I find that the most difficult part about these new characters is that Keyleth was good and I would just pretend to be a good person and do what they would do. But with Beau, I’m not used to being bad. I don’t know the petty crime and I need to learn how. I know my brand of petty crime.

Sam: We should all go to Costco and rob it. Just see how much stuff we could get.

Taliesin: I’m not saying this is the first question, but why Costco?

Sam: Well, it’s got a lot of different options, I have membership so I could get us in…

Taliesin: You’re our man on the inside!

Brian: Everything there is over-sized. It’s a place you don’t want to steal from.

Marisha || Traditionally, a monk’s alignment is dictated by their commitment to the law or a personal code of honor. How would you describe her personal philosophy?

Marisha: Oh wow, that’s a deep and loaded question that I feel we’re going to have to have an entire campaign to really discover.

Sam: Because you don’t know?

Marisha: She’s 22 or 23 and is suddenly a monk for reasons.

Sam: Suddenly a monk?

Marisha: You’ve got to dissect it a little bit. A monk is someone who is going to train and find that moral code and philosophy for a while. Clearly Beauregard hasn’t quite found that yet. It’ll be part of her journey.

Sam: That’s exciting. I’m interested in your backstory.

Marisha: Yeah, you guys didn’t ask very good questions for finding anything out.

Sam || How does it feel, now sitting next to the Queen of Dice?

Sam: Laura’s dice thing: it’s always been funny to look at. But now I have to experience it in living color right there in front of me. There’s medically something wrong with her.

Taliesin: I’ve subliminally pushed her to make sure that the dice flow to the right.

Marisha: Remember that picture when Taliesin and I gutted out our cabinet? We have a Critical Role cabinet–

Taliesin: –like a locker–

Marisha: –Like a locker. And we gutted it out and there was one half of a shelf that we organized and it was all dice bags and dice of Laura’s.

Taliesin: Just so many dice.

Marisha: Just so many. Took up half a shelf.

Sam: She’s crazy. She’s a hoarder. And she has all these rules. I was asking her “How do you know what dice to choose for the night” and she’s said “I roll them. I get here early and I roll them”. Oh, so I said “So it’s the ones that roll well that you choose?” and she answered “Well, it’s those but [seductively] also the ones I like.”

Brian: I worry about her, that if she ever stops voice acting she’d become a crazy cat lady.

Ben Thompson
Taliesin || Did you have any idea that the devil toad was really a fiend?

Taliesin: Nope. None at all. That came as a total shock. I’m still kind of reeling from it. Thought he was just a dude with some problems.

Brian: Thought he was just a toad that was down on his luck, who loved cuddling with a little girl.

Taliesin: No, look, they had a thing, and we thought “they got their own thing going on”.

Marisha: The acceptance of the circus.

Taliesin: Well yeah. He’s got a thing. His thing sells tickets.

Brian: My thing sells tickets too.

Taliesin: Yes it does.

All || Is this experience we are witnessing a good representation of your last campaign’s beginnings? Are there big differences, and if so, what are they?

Brian: This one’s televised.

Sam: That’s a big difference.

Marisha: Yeah, we did some bullshitty, fuck-off-y things.

Taliesin: There was some bullshitty, fuck-off-y things.

Marisha: One of my favorite moments with Grog was pre-stream when me and Grog a vendor in a kiosk from another kiosk. And that was when he actually named me Minxy in my tiger form.

Taliesin: Was that the first Winter’s Crest?

Marisha: Might have been, yeah.

Taliesin: I remember the creepy house with the torture chamber in the basement was very similar. We were all like “We didn’t fall in a pit. That’s cool!”.

Sam: I think story-wise it’s similar. We’re figuring out our characters as we go, and figuring out what we do and how we fit into this group. For me, one of the big differences is that I knew you all but, when we first started playing, we were acquaintances and friends. But now, if I may, we’re best friends now. All of us are the best of friends. We’re very close anyway.

Marisha: I drunk-texted [Sam] the other night.

Sam: She did. We had a long drunk text conversation. She was bored at a party. Oh wait, should I not say that?

Marisha: Probably not.

Sam: It was not the party you’re thinking of, friend of Marisha that is watching right now. It was a different party. Another friend of Marisha’s. But yeah, we’re not exploring our characters but we know each other. So that’s different because the first time around we were also getting to know each other. Or at least some of us were.

Taliesin: These are unique relationships we’ve ended up in. It’s fascinating. Just playing D&D with people all the time is very strange. I like it though.

Brian: Yeah, it is good. It’s good to be at a table with your friends and sharing an experience but also messing up. Sometimes you have improv that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you have a great plan or an idea and it doesn’t. Sometimes you plot out what you’re going to do then you show up and go “oh shit, none of that’s going to work” and you have to find yourself being open to the possibilities of the night and that’s the most exciting part, I think.

Marisha: Good life lesson.

Jessica NC [?]
All || Now that you are playing you new characters, are there any decisions you wish you had made differently?

Taliesin: Be at level 10.

Marisha: Yeah, have two years of fully fleshed-out backstory.

Sam: It seems like it’s going pretty well.

Brian: I bet Laura has #noregurts

The Mad Hatter
All || Who does your character mistrust the most so far?

Sam: Uniformly, this Mollymauk character is really shifty.

Taliesin: Really shifty.

Sam: Dodgy even.

Taliesin: Dodgy is exactly the correct word for that.

Sam: In fact, I’m sort of surprised that we’ve accepted Mollymauk at all. I mean, who is this weirdo.

Marisha: I’ve been saying this the whole time.

Taliesin: I haven’t done anything to you people yet. I’ve been nothing but helpful.

Marisha: Other than being associated with the thing that brought the murdering toad-man into the town.

Taliesin: Yeah, but I helped you take it out. But [Mollymauk] is slightly mistrustful of humans, so I’m a bit iffy on the two human characters.

Sam: If they’re really human! [glares at Marisha]

Marisha: Yeah, they’re human. I’m human. That is not a secret.

The Father, The Son, The Holy Roast
Sam || What happened to the big mug?

Brian: I was just looking because we had it on the set at some point.

Sam: It was probably declared a safety hazard by the Health Department. It was really rancid. I think it’s still in the locker. I saw it in the locker recently. But the mug that I’ve been drinking out of was handcrafted and given to me by a critter. The guy who made the box?

Marisha: The big chest, yeah.

Sam: And we know that that person’s name is…?

Brian: Definitely Ricky.

Sam: There was a lovely not but I received it like three months ago and I don’t have the note anymore.

Marisha: Well, I know we kept our note that he gave us.

Sam: We’re going to find out who did that new mug. It’s beautiful and I love it.

Brian: Do you anticipate, at least as much as I anticipate, you torturing the shit out of Liam’s animal for the rest of this campaign? I feel like you’re going to do whatever you can to make sure you hide behind that cat.

Sam: Sure. Sure.

Marisha: I didn’t think Nott was afraid of the cat.

Sam: Well, Nott’s afraid of everything. But yes, that mug does exist somewhere. What should we do with it?

Taliesin: So people don’t understand that there is a plastic insert to it that is slightly cracked and things have been molding in there for a really long time.

Marisha: It smells…

Taliesin: It starts to have opinions about what we’re doing at the table.

Sam: I’ve been drinking out of it. I probably have tetanus.

Brian: You wash it out every week, right?

Taliesin: There’s not a lot you can do once that inner lining is cracked.

Marisha: It smells like a public pool in October.

Sam: It has a stain to it that’s sort of whiny, sort of whiskey-ish.

Taliesin: It’s got a marking on it that looks like it’s one of the Lost Russian Royals.

The Perks of March
All || If your character had a companion like Caleb’s cat, what would it be?

Sam: You know how much a fan I am of animal companions.

Taliesin: I could go super carny and have a ferret.

Sam: I had a ferret once. Awful.

Taliesin: Oh yeah, they’re terrible.

Marisha: I feel like Beau would be the type of girl who would have a chameleon or a tarantula or something.

I Am Your Fader 24 [?]
Marisha || What do you think of the fandom’s immediate shipping of Beau and Yasha?

Sam: That’s real, right?

Marisha: I mean, I just met Yasha at the same time that everyone else had met Yasha. And then Yasha very quickly ran out of my life.

Taliesin: Yasha’s a rolling stone, man. You can’t keep her down. She’s got to be free.

Sam: What are the ship names?

Marisha: We’ve had a lot of different ones. Beausha. We’ve had Beau-Ya-Sha, which I really like. You can chant it. It’s good. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that we’re still trying to figure out who our characters are and it will definitely be a journey to figure out.

Sam: No, I think you can say safely now that Beau and Yasha will be married by the end of the campaign.

Marisha: Just like Scanlan and Pike, it’ll be super romantic. Under the sun tree.

Brian: Hopefully, at the end of it all, will not be cutting out on Skype in the middle of the most important moments of the final. You guys should have been in there in our New York apartment. I’m just covered in wires, just calling the cable company saying “You have no idea how important this is. I wish I could explain to you”.

Dodi’s Beard [?]
Taliesin || In last week’s Talks, you mentioned that you wanted Molly to have a connection to the previous campaign but Matt wouldn’t allow it. What was that connection?

Taliesin: Um…

Brian: I know what it is.

Taliesin: You do, which is why I’m…

Sam: How do you know what it is?

Brian: Because I am the writer of the show. He had told me about it a few months ago and I got really excited but I understand why Matt didn’t want it.

Taliesin: It would have been just a touch and I’m debated whether to say what it was or not.

Brian: It would have been related to someone that you guys knew from the previous campaign.

Taliesin: It wouldn’t have affected anything. I was trying to connect the two.

Brian: It was just a nice little thread. It was subtle but it was beautiful.

Taliesin: I will come to it later, but it’s a little too soon. I don’t want to get people overthinking things yet.

Marisha: Am I supposed to know what he’s talking about?

Sam: No.

Marisha: Okay. Okay. Because I have no fucking clue.

Sam: It’s just like normal.

This Doodlebug [?]
All || How did you pick your character names?

Sam: I think Liam went through a few before he landed on Caleb. Because he sent me a document at one point that had some other name in there. I was like “I think you’ve missed a little search-and-replace thing here buddy”.

Brian: It’s got to be hard to come up with names after Kingston LaForge has been out there. Because that’s just like absolute gold.

Sam: I don’t know how I picked mine. But I know I wanted to do a name the thing. I wanted a ‘the’ in there.

Taliesin: Nott the Brave is really good though.

Sam: By the way, I did a Google search for Mollymauk.

Taliesin: What did you come up with?

Sam: It’s a bird.

Taliesin: It is a bird.

Sam: But if you scroll down now, your character appears. It’s on the first page of Google Images.

Taliesin: Oh yeah. And it’s a bird. It’s a song. But that’s not where I took the name from.

Marisha: It’s a bird! It’s a song! It’s an obnoxiously complicated Dungeons & Dragons character!

Taliesin: It’s the name of the lead character from Lord Love A Duck, a 1960s film starring Roddy McDowall and Tuesday Weld. Roddy McDowall’s character’s name was Mollymauk. So I took it. The name comes from Lord Love A Duck. For many strange reasons, I’m a fan of that movie. It’s a movie some of my family worked on way back in the day. And I love that movie and have always thought “Mollymauk’s a great name; I’m going to use it for something one day”. Like right now. And Tealeaf, his last name, is because I needed his initials…

Sam: His last name is Tealeaf?

Taliesin: Yeah, Mollymauk Tealeaf.

Sam: Did we know that?

Taliesin: I think he said it really quickly at the very beginning. But yeah, it’s Mollymauk Tealeaf. There you go, now you’ve got an exclusive.

Squishy Pride [?]
Marisha || Does Beau have a particular martial art style?

Marisha: She…does? Once again, I think she’s still trying to find it. Right now Beau is very scrappy and is kind of just a bar brawler because that’s where she came from. I guess that would be her fighting background: fighting in bars.

Taliesin: I have so many movies I want to watch with you right now.

Marisha: That’s all I’ll say. That’s probably revealing too much. There is a fighting style that the Russian KGB uses called Systema that’s awesome. It’s super pressure-pointy and close combat but Beau is not really doing any of that right now. She’s level-fucking-two. So that will be part of her journey. But I’ve done a lot of research into that and it’s a cool fighting style that will come into her character later.

Sam: That’s so cool.

Taliesin: I somehow forgot that there was a while you were a big fighting nerd.

Marisha: I mean, I’m still a fighting nerd. There’s a lot of cool righting styles out there you guys.

Septus Untealy [?]
Sam || Is there any significance to the doll mask or is that just a cosmetic?

Sam: You’ll find out soon enough. But there’s no significance. It’s just a cosmetic.

Brian: We did find out soon enough.

Sam: Yes, very soon.

Brian: “You will find out at the end of this sentence.”

Sam: Matt said that goblins need to hide and I thought “shit, how do I do that? I could wrap myself in bandages”. And he said that that’s not so good, so we came up with this mask idea. It’s just cool.

Brian: It is cool. And the fan art’s been really great.

Sam: Oh yeah, it’s amazing.

Propular Science [?]
Sam || What would you steal from Target if you were there right now?

Sam: My son’s toy.

Brian: A waffle maker. I would get a Belgian waffle maker.

Sam: That’s pretty bulky.

Brian: Guys, I’ve figured out Target in the last 20 years since I was arrested there.

Marisha: Is practicality a limit?

Brian: It isn’t for me.

Taliesin: I would get a bunch of Target gift cards so I could just get more stuff at Target. It’s like the infinite wishes.

Brian: They have to be activated Taliesin.

Taliesin: Ah fuck!

Sam: I haven’t been in a Target in a while, but I’d go to the CD aisle. They still have a CD aisle right?

Brian: Yeah. You looking for the latest Shania Twain album?

Sam: No. 311. Maybe Sublime. You know, the current stuff.

Brian: Yeah yeah. Savage Garden. Which is always on at Matt and Marisha’s house.

Sam: [To Marisha] Is this something that you listen to?

Brian: Yes, it’s on whenever I’m there and they’re not. Lit was on one time and I had to send you guys a text.

Marisha: You have not let that one go.

Brian: If you guys haven’t noticed, I like to take the piss out of my friends.

Marisha: Yeah.

Brian: Sometime Matt has to go on Reddit and defend me for it.

Sam: Is that true?

Brian: Yeah. And I get mad at him for doing it, because they just don’t get it. Like the people every week who ask if we’re going to change the name of Talks Machina. I say every week that we’re not going to change the name so it’s got to be people who aren’t watching the show, right? So now we’re going to change the name.

Taliesin: It’s about time.

Brian: The new name of the show is going to be What’s the New Name of the Show?

Sam: So meta.

Brian: Do you guys have any group names? You’re not even a group yet.

Taliesin: We’re a time bomb.

Brian: One of you couldn’t stand the rest of you so much that she just ditched you.

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