Chasing Nightmares || C3 E11 – Appendix

After dates and exploration, our heroes find themselves face-to-face with something horrifying. Once you’ve faced the terror, take a look behind the scenes to see what the cast and crew are saying about the show.

The following includes potential spoilers up to, and including, Campaign 3, Episode 11: Chasing Nightmares.

Notice information that I’ve missed? Feel free to comment below and I’ll be sure to add.

Matthew Mercer
Dungeon Master

Matt is happy that his t-shirt helped people discover grunge bands:

Critter: Omfg! In trying to figure out your t-shirt last night lead me to discover the band Bam Bam and Tina Bell. As a huge 90s grunge fan this is just what I needed to continue to fuel my love of this genre. Thank you!

Matt: Hell yes! Tina Bell & Bam Bam don’t get enough love. She fucking bridged punk & grunge (pretty much inspired grunge), and y’all should dive in.

Critter: Another grunge band with a black female singer to listen to is Skunk Anansie. They’re still around and switched to grunge metal, but their earlier stuff is still my favorite!

Matt: HELL yes! Thank you!

Matt is (wrongly) sorry for how long this episode was:

Matt: Sorry for the long Critical Role episode! Genuinely lost track of time, so thanks for coming along. <3 Fuuuun stuff unveiling… 😉

Critical Bard: NEVER apologize. When you care for the art you produce, time does not exist. <3

Matt: Hell yeah, you’re right. You’re the best of us, friend. 🙂

Matt knows how Ice Knife works:

Critter: Ice Knife has a secondary explosion element! Yall doin Fearne dirty with the damage potential!

Matt: It was lost in the chaos, but appreciate the reminder for the future!

Critter: We know how much Fearne loves chaos!

Matt explains why Chetney is so hard to hit:

Critter: I gotta know, how is Chetney’s AC so high? I get the +1 to AC from the wolf form, but how does he have 18 AC as normal.
Loving the show by the way!

Matt: His “Offhand Mallet” is a flavored shield, and he’s technically wearing a breastplate. 🙂

Critter: Thank you! That’s cool flavoring. Great episode so far!

Chris Lockey

Chris appreciates Liam:

Chris: This is a Liam O’Brien appreciation post.

When I originally picked up a DSLR to start taking some hi-res shots around the Critical Role table, Liam was the first one to really “let me in” to explore a more intimate side of the cast. Thanks for everything, Lemur.

Liam: Your own thoughtful approach largely a part of that. It’s been a pleasure to know you better these last few years. <3

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