Make It Fashion || C3 E12 – Appendix

The party spend their days shopping, crafting and researching before the big event. Once you’ve seen their fashion choices, take a look behind the scenes to see what the cast and crew are saying about the show.

The following includes potential spoilers up to, and including, Campaign 3, Episode 12: Make It Fashion.

Notice information that I’ve missed? Feel free to comment below and I’ll be sure to add.

Critical Role

The cast levels up:

Critical Role: Our new crew leveled up after the events of Campaign 3, Episode 11. See where the dice land before they embark on tonight’s episode! WATCH:

Robbie Daymond
Dorian Storm

Robbie shares a sneak peek at Laudna’s outfit:

Robbie: #CriticalRoleSpoilers

Max Schapiro

Max shares a look at the technique and pain required to bring Laura’s merch announcement alive:

Max: Me watching Laura and Ashley pretend to put on imaginary merch items, knowing I’ll have to animate two-dimensional static apparel onto these three-dimensional moving people.

Critter: What tool do you use for the mapping?

Max: Puppet pin tool in After Effects, and brute forcing it.

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