In Too Deep || C3 E14 – Appendix

The ball starts with a brawl and ends with a bawl, as some mysteries twist even further. Once you have said good bye to this episode, take a look behind the scenes to see what the cast and crew are saying about the show.

The following includes potential spoilers up to, and including, Campaign 3, Episode 14: In Too Deep.

Notice information that I’ve missed? Feel free to comment below and I’ll be sure to add.

Robbie Daymond
Dorian Storm

Is Robbie trapped in the studio?

Robbie: I knew it! This whole thing was some kind of TRAP! The Founders have kidnapped me & locked me in this studio!! I’ve been surviving on scavenged Werther’s & boiling Matt’s old leather bracelets! HELP! I’ve lost all sense of time! Does anyone know what day of the week it is?!

Robbie says goodbye, and others send him fond wishes:

Robbie: What fun. A dream really. Love you all. Now…

Matt: Oh don’t worry, we ain’t done with you for a looooong time. We’re family now, bro. <3

Robbie: [A GIF of Vin Diesel saying “I have family”]

Liam: Good game.

Christina: It’s been the absolute best having you in on the chaos

Maxwell: We love you dude!

Jordyn: Been just the absolute pleasure seeing the shenanigans unfold. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Robbie shares an interview about his time on the show:

Robbie: This interviewer was really insightful, I enjoyed the chance to sit down with them!

[Note: I was going to share quotes from the article here, with interesting answers to questions. But then I’d be copying the whole article because it’s just all interesting answers, so seriously go read it!]

Marisha Ray
Creative Director / Laudna

Marisha shares a look at her spooky notebook:

Marisha: #itsThursday and #itsThursday.

Chris Lockey

Chris shares a photo of Fearne’s tiny notebook:

Critical Role: Smol Secrets!

Matthew Mercer
Dungeon Master

There’s confusion around stunning strike, and Matt is making decisions:

Critter: You’ve probably already gotten an earful after last week, but thought this might help for Ashton’s unarmed fighting:

[Posts the official rules for Stunning Strike, with the phrase “with a melee weapon attack” highlighted]

Matt: Aye, I’ve seen SO many discussions over the years debating whether Unarmed Strikes are considered weapon attacks (and been yelled at using official text saying they aren’t), but also seen official statements saying they are. Its all confusing. I think going forward I’ll count em.

Matt has some advice for a burned out DM:

[Note: This is not strictly about the episode, but it is nice advice]

Critter: Hey, Matt Mercer. I have a GM/Creative question for you. How do you deal with burnout? I know that in 9 years there must have been times where you just wanted to trash it all and walk away. So how did you . . . not?

Matt: I feel ya. In my honest opinion, a break is always warranted when this feeling finds you. Being honest with your players/collaborators that you need some time for “input” instead of “output” is huge. Take time to recharge and experience the stories of others for a time.

In games, empowering your players to take the GM seat for a one-shot or short campaign both gives them a chance to show their appreciation by gifting you a time to just play/experience, and allows you to let the pressure settle and absorb inspiration for as long as needed.

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