The Tunnels Below || C3 E15 – Appendix

Bells Hells reconnect after the ball, and must work together to uncover a deeper mystery. Once they have reached their destination, take a look behind the scenes to see what the cast and crew are saying about the show.

The following includes potential spoilers up to, and including, Campaign 3, Episode 15: The Tunnels Below.

Notice information that I’ve missed? Feel free to comment below and I’ll be sure to add.

Critical Role

Critical Role cast, with an actual-size Orym:

Critical Role: Refreshed and ready for action! ๐Ÿป

Hannah Rose
Game Designer

Hannah worries about the next generation of critters during the break:

Hannah: Shoutout to new Critters who have no context for Gale.

Kyle: She’s an 80s child star, an action hero, an advice giver, a goober smasher, and the President of an unknown country. How much more on the nose could it possibly be?

Sam: You’re welcome [as a GIF]

Surena Marie
Product Marketing Manager

Surena gets a promotion:

Surena: I am excited to announce that I have been promoted to Product Marketing Manager at Critical Role. I am looking forward to further building relationships with our incredible partners and working closely with our phenomenal merch team!

I am ridiculously proud of the work I have done these last two years. From creating our weekly newsletter, Value Statement & Community Guidelines, numerous social media campaigns, and so much more. I am truly honored and excited for the chance to pass the torch.

Sam: Congratulations on your promotion! [in GIF form]

Surena: Hello, I adore you.

Sam: Does this mean I can pull a โ€œIโ€™d like to speak to the manager!โ€ and itโ€™ll be you???

Surena: GOD I HOPE SO. Lmao.

Maxwell James
Senior Producer

Maxwell brings his dog to work:

Maxwell: I may have abused my privileges a lil too much.

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