Heart-to-Heartmoor || C3 E17 – Appendix

After their escape from the Shademother, Bell’s Hells head out of the city and into the Heartmoor with an aim to do crime. Once you have joined them, return here to find out what the cast and crew are saying about the episode on social media.

The following includes potential spoilers up to, and including, Campaign 3, Episode 17: Heart-to-Heartmoor.

Notice information that I’ve missed? Feel free to comment below and I’ll be sure to add.

Laura Bailey

The number of natural ones reaches a nice number:

CritRoleStats: Fun fact: As of C3E17, there have been 69 player character Natural 1s in this campaign.

Laura: Nice

Marisha Ray
Creative Director / Laudna

Sam tries to figure out how Fearne works:

Marisha: Can’t believe it’s been 7 years of streaming this show filled with nerdy-ass voice actors. And thank goodness, because Sam Riegel should stick to his “play” job. Behold, his art series that I like to call “How does Fearne Work?”

Marisha: [Later] Furthering the collection – Fearne on a horse.

Sam Riegel
Fresh Cut Grass

The cast watch the 7th anniversary episode in a theater:

Sam: In theaters!

Sam plays a long game:

Sam: [Responding to an image used in the weekly schedule] I love that in this picture I am pointing at nothing. Seems like a metaphor for something.

Kyle: Endless potential

Sam: [Sharing the Red Nose Day announcement] Donate today!

Critter: Dang it, Sam Riegel.

Sam: The long game.

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