Talks Transcribed

Talks Transcribed is a fan project to help fellow Critters find the As to the Qs that are asked on Talks Machina. You’ll find all the questions, all the answers, and handy links that will take you straight to the moment in the episode that is most useful to you.

I’m still working through the episodes, so come back if the question you’re looking for.

  • The Midnight Chase | C2 E3
    This episode is currently unfinished. Please check back later.
  • A Show of Scrutiny | C2 E2
    Marisha, Taliesin, and Sam talk about their character’s ages, habits from Vox Machina, and what they would steal from Target if given the opportunity.
  • Curious Beginnings | C2 E1
    Liam, Taliesin, Travis, and Laura talk about the creation of their new characters, what happened in their session zeroes, and whether Laura is as greedy as online commenters say she is (she’s not).